Discover the wonders of nature by reading Pulsos da Terra (Portuguese Edition), a collection of poems by Tamara Villaverde. Villaverde respects the enchantment and connection of the natural world with colorful and evocative language. Her poetry take readers to breath-taking locations, such as majestic, mist-shrouded mountains, breezy meadows filled with wildflowers, and woodlands teeming with bird music.

Beyond merely describing the scenery, Pulsos da Terra investigates the profound teachings that nature teaches us via its cycles of life, destruction, and renewal. Villaverde’s exquisite poetry draw attention to the delicate equilibrium found in nature and inspire contemplation about our place on it. This tribute to the planet’s complex ecosystems is enhanced by the depth and perspective that each poem offers.

As you delve into these lyrical lines, you’ll find inspiration, solace, and a renewed connection with the natural world. Pulsos da Terra is a poetic mosaic inviting you to commune peacefully with nature. Open these pages and let Villaverde’s harmonious words lift your spirit.

Language: Portuguese

HARDCOVER ISBN: ‎ 9798892140607
PAPERBACK ISBN:  9798892140614
EBOOK ISBN: 9798892140621

Pulsos Da Terra-Tamara Villaverde-9798892140621